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Jesus and His White Horse

Jesus and His White Horse

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FINALLY, A CHILDREN’S BOOK ABOUT THE RETURN OF JESUS. In his pursuit to motivate and prepare children to hold on to their faith, as well as, tell the WHOLE story of Jesus and the Bible, highly-regarded prophecy teacher Jake McCandless teamed with breakout-illustrator Tyson Ranes to produce one of the only children’s picture books that tells of Jesus’ return. Children know about Jesus and the manger, the cross, and the empty tomb, but they do not know about Him returning on the White Horse. Through this ground-breaking picture book, children not only hear the missing ending of the Biblical story, but through the skillful retelling of this neglected and often controversial Biblical truth, children and the parents who read the story to them will gain a clearer understanding and renewed excitement in the second coming. Jesus and His White Horse will have everyone cheering “HOORAY” for the returning King.


Children's Book 

2020 CrossLink Publishing

By Jake McCandless & Tyson Ranes

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