Help your family stand firm by

Telling Them the Bigger Story

As we researched why our children are leaving the church and often the faith and what helps them stay, we've found that if we can tell them about the Biblical story and tell them a bigger story then they're more likely to stay.

  • Gap Resources

    We're not telling the whole story to our children. There are gaps in the story of Scripture we share. To help you tell the whole story we've created resources to help you tell the whole story.

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  • Gap Curriculum

    To further help tell the whole story to our children we've created curriculum that helps parents and churches dive deeper into the missing areas of the story of Scripture. These studies are designed to teach fully what is in our resources.

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  • Speaking

    We speak directly to children and youth and tell them the whole story. Jake is a regular conference, camp, retreat, and event speaker for children and youth. He speaks difficult parts of the whole story in ways the next generation understands.

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  • Training

    We provide training to parents and ministry leaders on how to tell the whole story. Jake has a gifting to take difficult subjects in the Bible and train others to teach them to the next generation. He is available to provide teaching at your event and regularly offers online workshops many of which are free.

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  • Coaching

    We offer coaching calls on how to build a faith that lasts in your children.

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Help your family stand firm by

Giving Them the BiGGER Story