Helping families stand firm in such a time as this.

Welcome to Stand Firm, a devoted community committed to empowering Christian families to anchor themselves in faith, resilience, and unwavering commitment to God's Word. Our ministry is rooted in the belief that families, as the foundation of society, play a pivotal role in shaping the spiritual landscape of communities.

Our Mission

At Stand Firm, our mission is to equip and support families in standing firm in their faith amidst the challenges of modern life. We strive to provide biblically sound teachings, practical guidance, and a supportive community that fosters spiritual growth and resilience.

What We Believe

  • We believe in the power of the Gospel to transform lives and strengthen families.
  • We believe that faith is a journey, and every family has a unique path in their walk with Christ.
  • We believe in creating a safe space where families can share their triumphs, challenges, and prayers.
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Our Core Values

  • Faith-Centered Living: We center our lives on the timeless truths of the Bible, seeking to apply its teachings to every aspect of family life.
  • Community and Connection: We believe in the strength of community, fostering connections that encourage and support one another on the journey of faith.
  • Practical Wisdom: We provide practical, real-world guidance that empowers families to integrate their faith into the daily rhythms of life.
  • Celebration of Family: We celebrate Christian families, recognizing that each family's journey is unique and valuable.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Holistic Approach: We address the spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of family life, recognizing the interconnectedness of these dimensions.
  • User-Generated Content: Our community actively contributes to the rich tapestry of Stand Firm through shared experiences, stories, and insights.
  • Continuous Growth: We are committed to evolving with the needs of our community, continuously expanding our resources and offerings.

Join Our Community

  • Whether you're a young family navigating the early years of parenting, a couple seeking to strengthen your marriage through faith, or seasoned parents guiding your children into adulthood, Stand Firm welcomes you. Join our community to explore a wealth of resources, engage in meaningful discussions, and embark on a journey of standing firm in your faith.
  • At Stand Firm, we believe that when families stand firm in their faith, they become beacons of hope, love, and grace in a world that needs the transformative power of Christ. Come, stand firm with us.
  • Jake McCandless, Executive Director

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