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Jesus and His Kingdom [Special]

Jesus and His Kingdom [Special]

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FINALLY, A CHILDREN’S BOOK ABOUT THE MILLENNIAL KINGDOM. Author, Jake McCandless, and illustrator, Tyson Ranes, created the first traditionally published children's picture book on the return of Jesus, Jesus and His White Horse. That beloved book has been enjoyed by thousands across the world. Jesus and His Kingdom is the sequel to that ground-breaking book. This unique follow-up dives deeper into the return of Jesus, His defeat of the Antichrist and Satan, and the highlights of His Kingdom. Help your children gain a fuller understanding of Heaven through the Biblical details of the Messianic Kingdom. Not only does this book expand children's Biblical knowledge of the age to come, but motivates them to have a faith that lasts. Grab a copy and share the greatest party that will ever happen with your children—the coronation of Jesus.   


Children's Book 

2022 Locksley Press Kids

By Jake McCandless & Tyson Ranes

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