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Invincible By Jake McCandless

Invincible By Jake McCandless

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By Jake McCandless & Rita Halter Thomas


A young shepherd boy walked onto the plain, armed only with a sling and five stones, to face an undefeated giant; one warrior picked up a donkey’s jawbone to defeat 1,000; a general led 300 men against an army of 135,000. Although each person was seemingly outnumbered and overmatched, all marched forward with a swagger and staggering confidence. The swagger and staggering confidence, in their God who sent them, baffled the onlookers and odds-makers. With unflinching obedience, these, who appeared to be underdogs, walked away—each with a dominant and definite victory. These men appeared invincible. And they were invincible—not because of their own strength or ability, but because they belonged to and followed an Invincible God. The same God you and I belong to and follow.Therefore, like them and because of Him, we’re invincible, too.Invincible is a 40-Day devotional designed to increase your faith utilizing Biblical accounts of God giving His people victories, provision, and protection. Jake McCandless sounded the alarm of the many leaving the faith and the prophetic warning of it, in his award-winning book Spiritual Prepper: Tapping into Overlooked Prophecies to Prepare You for Doomsday. He shared how that Matthew 24:10 and other passages tell that many will turn away. It's happening all around us. McCandless didn't stop with just providing a warning but working with Rita Halter Thomas, they've created a powerful tool to build up one's faith so they can be prepared when challenges come into their life. This book will help you Stand Firm.

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