Parents, Warn Them

Parents, Warn Them

My kids shake their head and prepare for a sermon any time they’re headed out to do something or starting something new. It’s been going on since they were born.

Sliding and swinging by themselves for the first few times, there were warnings about holding on and waiting until the person sliding before them got off the slide. Swimming and swimming pools, there were warnings about drowning and not running around the pool. Bike riding there was the “only go so far”, “watch both ways”, and “pay special attention when you pass by a driveway. When driving four-wheelers there’s the “don’t go too fast”, “they can flip, you know”, and the “don’t go past the stop sign”.

I’m sure there’s going to be warnings when they begin to ride with friends that drive. I’m sure there’s going to be warnings when they drive themselves. And the dating warnings have already begun, there will be more. Then that college dorm room warning and the multiple warnings if they ever call home while at college.

I’m sure you’re likely the same. You had those type of warnings told to you. Even you non-helicopter-bubble-wrap parents have warned your child a time or two. That’s what we do.

From not touching the hot stove, to not running with a lollipop in their mouths, to not climbing on the furniture, to not putting the car in drive while we’re out of it (anytime for that matter), dating, driving, marriage, and the list could go on and on. We warn.

You’ve warned, haven’t you? I imagine all of us have.

BUT I have heard very few spiritual warnings. Think about it—have you?

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Now warnings of Heaven and Hell, certainly. Likely, we have warned them of the need to be saved. Warnings even against becoming involved in certain sins. But warnings that they could turn away from the faith—never!

This reality hit me like a ton of bricks as I was preparing for my latest podcast on that topic. You can check out that podcast here.

I doubt that many parents warn their children as they get older into high school that they could face a challenge that makes them abandon their faith. I doubt there are many kids headed to college and parents have said that there would be a professor that would teach something that may make them second guess their faith.

Parents, let’s change that. Parents, warn them. Warn them that they may turn-away.

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